Advanced Silversmith

Advanced Silversmith

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Level Up Your Silversmithing Skills

In the 6 session (18 hours total) Advanced Silversmith workshop you will build on what you learned in the Silversmith for Beginners workshop by trying out more complicated joining techniques and advanced stone setting methods.

Hinges can be useful for attaching parts of your project that will move or latch, and rivets are great for “cold joining” your projects parts and it is a useful and practical technique for projects at home.

You will also have the opportunity of learning more advanced stone setting methods like double bezels for faceted stones and flush mount setting (embedding stones).

As an alternative to the above, you will have the option to use your workshop time to further develop your craft and work on skills that interest you the most while receiving some tips and guidance from your instructor.

Silversmith for Beginners is a pre-requisite for this workshop.

Sessions are held on Mondays from 6pm to 9pm and our next workshop begins on Monday, November 11th 2019.

$320 per person, 10 grams of silver are included, brass and copper are free.

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